walking into a rave

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six selfies from 2014 (i didn’t take the bottom 2 on the same day i promise i just like that outfit)

reblog these while i take a bath :-)

You’re so cute I want to hug you supa hard!😁💖😍


i was told….

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Friends! Thrift-o-Rama is turning 2!

On July 25, 2012, I posted my first outfit of the day. It’s crazy to think two years have gone by. I’m so honored by the love, support and friendship I’ve found in you people. Thank you for reading Thrift-o-Rama. Thank you for celebrating bodies and thrift stores and lipstick with me. I don’t have words for how much you’ve all touched me, I really don’t.

The best way I know how to thank you is to give away a thrifty gift. The winner gets:

1. You’re in Luck Dress in Lady Bug, size 2X. This dress is no longer available at ModCloth, period. It’s beautifully made and would probably best fit a size 18-20. Maybe a 22 if you’re small in the bust. I wish I was keeping it, but it’s too big for me. Tried on but never worn. I’ve included some pictures of me in the same dress in a different print for fit reference. Message me for exact measurements and details on the dress itself.

2. A portrait! See above for an example of my art, though I won’t rush through yours as I did mine.

3. “Mystery Thrift Store Jewelry.” This will be a surprise. Various strange necklaces and earrings thrifted in my travels will be sent to you. I hope you like them. The winner can tell me if they have pierced ears or allergies and I’ll do my best to oblige.


1. This is a gift to my followers. You must be following me.

2. US residents only, please. Sorry. International shipping is very very expensive. The winner needs to give me an address.

3. Likes and reblogs count, but you can only reblog once a day.

4. If the winner doesn’t respond within two days, I’ll pick someone else.

This giveaway ends Sunday, July 27th, 5PM central time, at which point a winner will be chosen at random.

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The Wind Rises (2013)

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Ivysaur (bg)

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Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled, c.1988.

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walking in dirty slippers to get doughnuts right before sunrise.

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Wait! They don’t love you like I love you
Wait! They don’t love you like I love you

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I don’t even know what half of this food is supposed to be but I don’t fucking care, I want it. look at how fucking delicious everything looks. if you dare to even say looking at this doesn’t make you hungry, I know you’re a lying little piece of shit.

I’ve always wanted to eat Ghibli food. ALWAYS.

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